Poor blood circulation, cold legs and hands? Here is what you can do to solve this problem!

Another name for cold legs and hands or otherwise called poor circulation is “The silent killer”. Numerous different factors can cause it, including poor physical activity, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, smoking and drug abuse, or blood clots. The symptoms usually develop over time, so you really need to learn how to recognize them on time. Here you can find a couple of natural remedies that can effectively solve the problem with blood circulation and you can say goodbye to cold legs and hands!

Consuming more water

You have to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.  It improves your blood flow. Then oxygen and nutrients are carried to your tissues and organs. It improves your digestion, too and your cells and tissues become well hydrated. If you have an enhanced physical activity during the day, your body will demand more than eight glasses of water.

Gingko Biloba

It improves blood circulation in the brain which significantly improves your memory. It can be also used to treat inadequate blood circulation e.g. cold legs and hands, but also varicose veins. It comes in pills or capsules.

Cayenne pepper

This pepper is rich in capsaicin. It stimulates your heart, strengthens your capillaries and arteries. It cleans any plaque buildup in the vessels and at the same time regulates your blood circulation. It also eases the symptoms of inadequate blood circulation as headaches, pain, tingling sensations in your legs, cold  feet and hands.


According to a research, garlic is significantly essential to one’s cardiovascular health. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, due to preventing the buildup of plaque in the arteries and reduce blood pressure.

Horse chestnut

Escin as active compound in horse chestnut can strengthen the capillary walls. It significantly reduces any inflammation. It is known to be used in treating varicose veins and improper blood flow in the body.

Essential oils like ginger, thyme, rosemary

Essential oils have thermogenic effect on your body. They improve your blood flow on the surface of your skin due to expanding capillaries and also relieve the numbness in your feet, hands as well as relax tensed up muscles.

Fish oil

The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil help you get rid of fats in your arteries and promote better blood circulation. This oil also improves the HDL which is the good cholesterol in our body.


If you consume it regularly, ginger will prevent any cardiovascular disease and formation of blood clots in the body. Its active compounds gingerol and zingerone will also warm up your body by promoting adequate blood flow.

So, try some of these natural remedies and say goodbye to cold legs and hands forever!