6 Alarming Signs That Indicate That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive ingredients in the population not only present in confectionery sweets but day to day to sweeten what is preferred , but if you are one of those who are struggling against persistent problems in the belly or with The top of the muffin that does not move, it is time to review the amount you are consuming since the body is quite intelligent and ordered to signal when something is not right.

Signal that it is time to give up sugar

These are some of the symptoms and signs in which your body shows you the excess sugar you consume, if you recognize any of them or all in your body then it is time to stop taking it and return the benefit to your body.

1. Anxiety : If you find yourself struggling to quit sugar, do not worry because you are not the only one, a study showed that those who suffer from the unstoppable desire to eat it are due to similar drug addiction, when you eat it, your brain rewards With pleasure, the more you eat, the more cravings and you generate a cycle.

2. Wrinkles : consuming it excessively affects the quality of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for giving strength and elasticity to the skin, sugar generates a process under the name of ” glycation ” which occurs when glucose and fructose Bind to other proteins and lipids, the contact between both sugars and these proteins is what makes aging the skin and high amounts of it in your body, accelerate the process.

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3. Visceral fat: It also affects the storage of fat in the body, specifically around the middle and internal organs; various studies have shown that consuming other amounts causes visceral fat to accumulate in the liver and skeletal muscle, as well as increased fat Levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.

4. Tooth teeth: Cavities in teeth are produced by a number of bacteria that live in the mouth as they feed on sugar, said bacteria produce acids that break down the layer of teeth, enamel, and dentin resulting, Cavities and cavities.

5. Inflammation: A study of 2-9-year-olds who consumed excess sugar showed that they were at increased risk of developing chronic inflammation compared to children who had a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

6. Intestinal problems: consuming it excessively will make your digestive system malfunction, as fructose contributes to intestinal leakage, a condition that makes it possible for substances to pass into the small intestine into the bloodstream, resulting in inflammation in the liver and even Cancer of the liver, colon, and pancreas.

It is noteworthy that it also affects the intestinal flora because it influences the living organisms that inhabit the intestine, causes imbalance and damages the intestinal flora, generating inflammation and resistance to insulin. Therefore, to prevent all these health problems caused by the excess sugar that is ingested daily, ideally you consume it in adequate amounts, eliminate completely or substitute for healthier sugars like stevia, among others, in the same way, It is vital that you take a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables.