The 7 Day Sugar Detox, with Menu and Plan, Also a Shopping List and Weight Loss Program Too

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the people. But, we all love it and can’t help it. Here are some simple advices about how to clean your body from the sugar in just a week. The good thing is that you are not going to starve, but you are going to feel relieved and amazing.

Here is our menu for 7 days that we are suggesting:


For breakfast: spinach and baked eggs. Tamari almonds you get as a first snack. For lunch, you have low carb cheese, some green salad, and sweet pepper popper. The second snack should be 3 boiled eggs. For dinner –spinach, baked chicken, cucumber, as well as feta with tomato salad. And as a reward, you get another snack, ¼ tsp vanilla extract and as well as stevia ¼ skim low-fat ricotta.


First meal: Dried tomato and feta frittata. Almonds you have for a snack as well, lunch is the leftovers from the previous day (spinach and chicken). The second snack should be spinach dip and raw vegetables. For dinner something exotically – Asian turkey lettuce cups, peppers with mushroom. You get a cheese stick for a snack.


You start with a protein smoothie. Later you eat boiled eggs 3 without the yolk. The Lunch is leftovers from yesterday. Second snack – the leftover frittata. Dinner is delicious – grilled chicken, veggie soup. Snack shoul be dairy free vanilla pudding.


In the morning – Santa Fe frittata, later – 1 cheese stick. Lunch is leftover from day 3. Nut butter and celery is the other snack. Dinner is chicken, bean stew, zucchini bites. Low-fat cheese and cucumbers for a late snack.


For breakfast have the Santa Fe frittata from the previous day. Mediterranean feta dip and veggies goes as a first snack. Lunch is leftover from day 4. Feta, tomato, and cucumbers are the afternoon snack. For dinner – bread, Italian green beans, and the last snack – chia pudding.


For breakfast – muffins, that comes with ½ cup cottage cheese and some ricotta and stevia or vanilla extract. Lunch from the day before. For dinner – garlic, lemon, and chicken drumsticks. Hummus and 3 eggs as a snack at night.


Last but not least – in the morning – scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms. Cottage cheese for a snack. Lunch from Day 6. Almonds for a snack. Dinner leftovers and dairy free and vanilla chia pudding for a second snack.