Tanglad is a herb popular for its citrus enhance with a hint of ginger. Tanglad is broadly utilized as a part of cooking served to spice different Asian foods from Thai to Filipino dishes. Tanglad has been customarily utilized as a part of the folkloric homegrown solution to treat different medicinal condition including ailment, fever, skin break out, nervousness and numerous others.

Tanglad (Cymbopogon citratus), is a local herb from warm districts, for example, India, Philippines, and Malaysia is generally utilized as a part of Asian cooking and is a fixing in numerous Thai and Vietnamese sustenances. Tanglad use in cooking has turned out to be famous in the Caribbean and in the United States for its sweet-smelling citrus enhance with a hint of ginger.

Tanglad is an individual from a species of grass that develops to as high as 1 meter with leaves of 1 to 1.5 centimeters in width that develops from a stalk of around 30 to 80 cm long with the bulbous lower end.

Tanglad is an enduring and tufted grass that is monetarily developed in Southeast Asian nations, for example, Thailand, Malaysia, and China. tanglad is likewise developed in the United States particularly in California and Florida. Proliferation is by separating the root bunches.

Tanglad oil has a lemony, sweet smell and is dim yellow to golden and ruddy in shading that is removed by refining. Tanglad is otherwise called ‘choomana poolu’ and is additionally alluded to as ‘Indian Verbena’ or ‘Indian M`elissa oil’. tanglad oil is a significant fixing in makeup, scents and as aromas for cleansers and creepy crawly repellants.

Tanglad is apparently has a wide assortment of remedial application and medical advantages. With restricted research and studies led on people, tanglad’s adequacy is constructed for the most part in light of the outcomes from creature and lab thinks about and in addition its notoriety for being a society cure.


Tanglad Traditional Medicinal Uses:

Tanglad is generally utilized as a part of the conventional natural drug for different conditions.


Tanglad as homegrown tea: 

  • for gastrointestinal issues stomachaches
  • the runs, gas, inside fits, heaving
  • fever, seasonal influenza, and cerebral pain


Tanglad oil blended with other basic oils helps with:

  • back torments
  • ailment
  • neuralgia, sprains


Tanglad oil blended with lavender or jasmine oil:

  • utilized as a part of showers or vapor aromas, can renew the body and ease the side effects of stream slack, cerebral pains, nervousness, and stress related fatigue


Facts about Tanglad:

  • Tanglad is utilized as a part of Indian Ayurvedic solution to treat fevers and irresistible ailments.
  • Tanglad is likewise utilized as a part of Chinese prescription to treat colds and ailment.
  • To treat circulatory scatters, a few experts prescribe rubbing a couple drops of tanglad oil on the skin of influenced ranges; it is accepted to work by enhancing blood stream.
  • Tanglad has characteristic hostile to microbial properties, is a disinfectant, appropriate for use on different sorts of skin contaminations, generally as a wash or pack, and is particularly viable on ringworm, tainted injuries. Skin breakout and competitor’s foot
  • Tanglad is powerful in slaughtering disease cells.
  • It is valuable with respiratory contaminations, for example, sore throats, laryngitis and fever and forestalls spreading of irresistible illnesses.
  • Tanglad is likewise utilized as a bug repellant. It keeps pets clean of insects, ticks, and lice.
  • In Asia and Africa, tanglad is utilized as germicide, antitussive, and against rheumatic and to treat spinal pain, sprains, and hemoptysis. Mixtures of tanglad leaves are utilized as a part of option pharmaceutical as soothing, antimicrobial, and mitigating.
  • In some African nations, Tanglad is utilized to treat diabetes.


Where would I be able to get or purchase tanglad?

Tanglad flourishes in the wild even without a lot of care. It can be developed in pots and gardens. The stalks and leaves are gathered and utilized. New tanglad can likewise be purchased in most Asian markets by groups.

Tanglad oil concentrate can likewise be purchased in most basic supply and wellbeing sustenances stores. tanglad comes in different structures, for example, powder, dried leaves and basic oil.


Tanglad Tea Preparation

  • Pound or cut around 10 leaves of tanglad
  • At that point include some bubbling water for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Strain, include sugar and a cut of ginger to taste
  • Give it a chance to cool and drink a container three to four times each day
  • Make new tanglad home grown tea as required

NOTE: When indications persevere or disturbance happens to stop the utilization and counsel your specialist.

Tanglad oil (sustenance review) can likewise be utilized to make tea by weakening 2 teaspoons of tanglad oil to some bubbling water.


Tanglad Liniment Preparation

  • Bubble measure up to measures of hacked leaves and roots with crisply made coconut oil
  • You can likewise blend 2 drops of tanglad oil to an ounce of your typical oil utilized, for example, coconut oil, olive oil, and so forth.


Tanglad Baths and Compress

Hack about some tanglad leaves to a liter of water. Give it a chance to bubble and strain. You can add it to your shower or you can utilize it as a homegrown pack for skin diseases.

Tanglad oil can likewise be added to a shower or warm water for hot pack. a tablespoon of oil for each 500ml for the pack is proposed.


Tanglad Warnings and Side Effects

  • Whenever cooked and legitimately arranged, eating tanglad has been demonstrated helpful notwithstanding for youthful kids, pregnant ladies and bosom nourishing moms.
  • Tanglad is not known to be hurtful when taken in prescribed measurements. In any case, people ought to dependably take alert before utilizing any treatment.
  • Pregnancy and Breast sustaining. The basic oil ought not to be utilized inside by youngsters, ladies who are pregnant or bosom bolstering.
  • Liver or kidney ailment. At the point when utilized for a different medicine.


There are reports of the accompanying:

  • Consuming sensation(s)
  • Skin Irritation, inconvenience, and rash
  • Brought down blood glucose

While tanglad is not known to have an unfriendly impact with known medications and supplements. In any case, It is prudent to confine the utilization of tanglad for the accompanying medicinal conditions:

  • People taking oral diabetes drugs
  • People taking hostile to hypertensive medications
  • People with diabetes and/or people who are hypoglycemic


Sensitivities. In uncommon cases, tanglad basic oil has made unfavorably susceptible responses when connected the skin. To limit skin bothering, weaken the oil in a transporter oil, for example, safflower or sunflower seed oil before application. Similarly, as with every fundamental oil, little sums ought to be utilized, and just temporarily.

Can bring about eye disturbance. Abstain from getting tanglad (herb or oil) in the eyes.