A man has chosen to have a characteristic cure for diabetes and he began eating crude veggies and natural products. His wellbeing was never better.

His infection was evacuated by “mischance”! to begin with, he felt parched a considerable measure, then observed his specialist and discovered he was in wellbeing stun. His sugar levels were 29! The specialist said the pancreas is “ceasing to exist”, and this implied he must be reliant on insulin forever.

He felt miserable and began to take the prescribed meds. Insulin was taken routinely with the goal that he would have the capacity to do sports at present.

Be that as it may take long before, diabetes deteriorated for him and he had new ailments showed up from the bundle of meds he took. The triglycerides were raised to 16 and circulatory strain to 150/100.

In this way, he required something like a change. On New Year’s, he made a determination to be solid however in a regular way.

He saw a show, The Edge of Science, on TV. There, Dr. John Zirdum discussed crude sustenances and his devouring of them for a long time.

At the point when the show was over, the man needed to attempt this strategy. He got a blender at first.

In the main week, he had weird longings yet he stifled them. The sugar level of blood dropped to just 5!

This astounded him and he was paralyzed as meds didn’t make this impact as his strategy did.

Therefore to this, he halted the insulin treatment and proceeded with his solid crude eating regimen. Anyway, he needed to do a reversal to insulin on the off chance that things compound. As yet, everything was great and the same and the sugar in blood was steady. He even lost some additional weight.

In very nearly a month he lost more than 20 lbs and still was sound.

Following 4 months he was invigorated and had 40lbs less! He never took insulin again and the weight got to 120/70, the triglycerides to 1.4.

He halted with the pills and felt like another man.


This is his best juice:

  • 5 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • Modest bunch of kale



Put all fixings in a bowl, and pour a large portion of a liter of water over them. All mixed in a blender.



Drink a large portion of a liter in the morning and the rest drink it for the duration of the day.

Likewise, this juice is to a great degree valuable since it will give every one of the supplements important to the blood and cerebrum.