10 Incredibly Helpful Tips For Reusing Coffee Grains

Yes, we all love how coffee smells and tastes, and most of us can’t start the day without it. What we didn’t know before though, is that we can benefit in many ways even from recycled coffee grains. Once you’ve read these tips, you’ll never let go of used coffee again:
Coffee brewing with brew basket and brewing cycle

It cleans the skin and prevents aging

Coffee grounds are the best natural scrub for our skin, and enable perfect exfoliation of dead cells. It takes only to put those in warm water, add few drops of our favorite essential oil, and take all those icky cells out of our body.

It rejuvenates the face

Just the way you’re using recycled coffee on your body, you can apply it as a face mask, and prevent the signs of premature aging. Best effects are achieved with two spoons of coffee grains and just as much cocoa powder dissolved in milk or heavy cream. If you prefer an alpha-hydroxy and antioxidant masks for your face, add a spoon of honey as well.

It restores the shine of your hair

Many people are familiar with this benefit of coffee grains, but prefer buying coffee-based cosmetics which contain chemicals, instead of preparing a product themselves. Removing the extra weight and dullness of your hair will be easy with coffee grains, and the natural radiance will be back sooner than you expected. The secret is to pick a handful of recycled coffee beans and massage the hair with them before you’ve applied shampoos and conditioners. All artificial residues will be broken due to their coarse texture, and your hair will be healthy again.

Defeating cellulite

If you believe there is no natural treatment against cellulite, you’re wrong! Be it a product of unhealthy nutrition, smoking, or lack of movement, cellulite is a serious aesthetic problem, and deserves that you will give our idea a try. There are many difference recipes for preparing anti-cell coffee-based scrubs, but you can even simply mix grains with warm water, and massage most affected places twice per week (10 minutes each time). The first effects will become noticeable after only a month.

Recycled coffee grains, however, are not only useful for our body. We can also perform some interesting household and gardening tricks with them.

Making our own scented candles

If you’re a coffee smell fan like me, you will certainly appreciate converting recycled coffee into an aromatic candle. This is one of the most interesting DIY home projects which require no resources but a paper coffee cup, towels, and a cup of candle wax. Melt the wax with the coffee grains inside, and pour it in the paper cup once slightly cooled. Afterwards, take scissors and remove the paper, and you’ll have a nicely shaped and smelly candle.

Preparing homemade abrasives

Take the cleaning cloth you’re using, and sprinkle the grains over it. Use the cloth to clean your dishes from stuck food remains, as coffee is not that coarse to damage them. Nevertheless, avoid using it on sensitive surfaces or such that have cracks.

Remove the dirt from your fireplace

Winter is approaching, but you probably didn’t have the slightest idea of how coffee can help you prepare for cold nights. Incredibly, but true, coffee facilitates the fireplace cleaning process, and creates less mess than any other product you may use instead. All you should do is to sprinkle recycled coffee grains in the ashes, and they will prevent a huge cloud of smoke from your living room. This task will no longer be arduous, and you won’t be obliged to clean every horizontal surface around for hours.

Use coffee grains as your own gardening compost

Why not trying to throw coffee grains on your compost heap? Coffee is amazingly well supplied with nitrogen, and that makes it an ideal ‘green’ fertilizer for planting any type of vegetables. Useful worms are easily attracted to coffee, be it fresh or utilized, but still avoid pilling too much of it in one place.

Keep plants safe from pests

Coffee grains are also amazing pest repellents, which is why we recommend you to sprinkle them near the endangered culture, so that all snails, ants, and slugs will surpass it. What experienced gardeners recommend as well is to combine recycled coffee with dry orange peel, so that even bigger mammals (including your pets) will skip destroying your plant. In case the coffee and orange experiment is not successful, try using rosemary instead.

Producing an amazing golden dye for your belongings

Many would ask why golden, but think of all those times you spilled coffee on a light surface. That very same amazing color that reminds you of pesky stains can be used to your advantage: make sure the grains are slightly wet, and dye clothing, feathers, accessories, or even Easter eggs and decorations. If you soak them in warmer water, you can even use them to make ‘antique parchment’ from regular white paper, and use it for all crafts, arts, and memorable gifts for your friends.

Source: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/