Many long centuries olive tree represents a synonym for peace, glory, fertility, wisdom and power; besides, it is used as food and medicine. What is most valuable in itself contains monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. The olive tree is slightly bitter herb that prevents:


  • arteriosclerosis and stop her advancing
  • Block free radicals
  • Protects against stress
  • Maintain the balance of cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Good in prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Protects arteries. In Mediterranean countries olive not lacking in nutrition and therefore has the lowest percentage of strokes, heart disease and diseases in the digestive system.


The whole herb has healing properties so the leaf of the olive tree was added to drinks to reduce fever and as a tea against malaria. It is used in various forms, commonly used as an oil and it made various sauces and is healthier than sunflower. Olive oil was used as an antiseptic for wounds and acts relaxing Aromatherapy.
The leaves are used against diseases egg:

  1. nfections such as candida,
  2. flu
  3. encephalitis,
  4. meningitis
  5. Hepatitis B
  6. pneumonia,
  7. Chronic fatigue,
  8. Epstein-Barr virus
  9. Herpes zoster
  10. malaria,
  11. tuberculosis
  12. Herpes 6 and 7
  13. gonorrhea,
  14. Severe diarrhea,
  15. Infections in the urinary tract.
  16. Infections of the ear,
  17. HIV / Ars / AIDS
  18. Dental

Olive leaf hides numerous medicinal properties busiest junction in a therapeutic action called oleroupein who has has antibacterial properties. The leaves strengthen the immune system possess antiviral, anti-parasitic effect, increase energy in the body, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and bad cholesterol, helps vaginitis and Chlamydia infections. If excessive use olive tea can lead to premature extinction of microorganisms in the body and therefore should be gradually introduced.

Vitamin E

This vitamin neutralize free radicals that contribute to cell damage. The olive tree is an ideal health of the heart and blood vessels and vitamin E does not allow storage of cholesterol, it should be consumed at least 3 times a week. Because vitamin E is recommended in cosmetics and skincare and body make various creams and oils.



15 to 20 dried leaves to 1 cup of tea When water boils placed leaves and stand 2-3 minutes. then stand in another 10 minutes no more can be drunk hot and cold, with honey, lemon or anything. You need to drink to improve preventive and this tea has more antioxidants than green tea.