This Chart Shows The Best Time To Put Your Children To Bed

As adults, we’re used to pulling all-nighters when need be and skimping out on a good night’s rest every now and then. But for our children, doing this can have devastating effects!



Children that get less than the recommended amount of sleep can have problems focusing at school, are oftentimes more irritable and can even have a more negative outlook on life! That’s why one school decided to guide parents through bedtime with a helpful post!

The Sleep Foundation recommends that school-aged children (those who are 6 to 13 years old) get at anywhere from 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night. That may seem like a lot, but it’s the only time for their brains to rest and recharge from a busy day learning new topics, playing with friends and finishing an ever-growing amount of homework!

To help parents determine when is the best time to put their children to sleep, Wilson Elementary School in Kenosha, Wisconsin created a brilliant bedtime chart.

The chart is broken down by age and wake-up time, and then gives the approximate time parents should put their children to sleep – given the recommended hours of sleep for their young age!

As the caption reads, this bedtime chart if filled with “helpful information” that can give your child the best shot at being successful in their personal and school lives! It doesn’t hurt to have this hanging up in your own home!